Grade 6 Picture Writing Prompts

20 picture prompts for Grade 6

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1. Imagine you could glow in the dark like this shark. How would you feel and how do you think it would affect your life?

2. Write a story about a volcano, a necklace, a key and a skateboard!

3. Write an article about the importance of protecting the world’s trees.

4. How do you think the jaguar uses their excellent night vision to help them in the wild?

5. Which place would you like to visit most in the world and why?

6. What would you do if you found a lost cat? How would you help them to find their owner?

7. Use this picture to inspire a piece of poetry.

8. Write a persuasive argument for the importance of libraries in the community. Why should we increase the number of libraries in the world?

9. Imagine you are stranded on this island all alone. How would you survive? What skills would you need?

10. Write a report about an aspect of ocean life that interests you.

11. Explain the importance of gravity to an alien from outer space.

12. You are about to set off on a 3-day hike. What do you need in your backpack and why?

13. This is Will, Riya and Sam the Spying Giraffe. Why do you think they are so happy?

14. You have the chance to design your perfect home. What do you include and why?

15. Write a profile for a wanted character. Draw and describe their appearance.

What are their character traits? Why are they wanted?

16. Music is hugely important to people around the world. Can you explain why you think this artform is so popular?

17. Scientists believe that dolphins demonstrate a high level of intelligence. Write a report based on your research to explain how dolphins show their intelligence.

18. Write a story set in the desert about a lioness, a flamingo, and a robot.

19. In a digital world, making notes and writing by hand is still important.

Write an argument stating your point of view in relation to the statement above.

20. Write a story in the first person about the time you stepped through this icy doorway.

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