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Night Zookeeper is a children's brand on a mission to make learning fantastically fun and help kids unlock their creativity.

Our reading & writing program has helped over 1 million children aged 6-12 to develop their reading, writing, and creative thinking skills.

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Our children’s book series follows the adventures of Will, Riya & Sam in the magical world of the Night Zoo, where creativity wins the day!
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Discover our free printable reading & writing resources, designed for parents, teachers and homeschoolers to use with children aged 6 to 12.

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Learn about English language arts standards across writing, reading, grammar, spelling and punctuation, and how you can help your child achieve them.

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8 Fantastically Fun Writing Games For Kids thumbnail
Ariana Silva avatar
Ariana Silva

8 Fantastically Fun Writing Games For Kids

Teaching children to write can be challenging, but there are many ways to make it enjoyable for both you and your child! Here's a list of the best writing games for kids that you can try anytime, anywhere!
Father's Day Writing Prompts thumbnail
Ariana Silva avatar
Ariana Silva

Father's Day Writing Prompts

Celebrate Father's Day with heartfelt gratitude for all dads, stepdads, grandads, and other father figures. Explore these writing prompts to honor the amazing father figures in our lives!
How To Beat The Summer Slide thumbnail
Ariana Silva avatar
Ariana Silva

How To Beat The Summer Slide

How can you beat the summer slide and avoid learning loss, while allowing your child to have a well-deserved summer break? Get inspired with our summer learning activities, and learn how you can use them to beat the summer slide and set your child up for academic success in the new school year!

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