Grade 4 Picture Writing Prompts

20 picture prompts for Grade 4

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1. You discover this girl in a trap in the woods. How can you help her escape?

2. Fire is looking for some friends. Everyone is scared of him because he’s so hot. How can you convince others to be kind to him?

3. You find a dog and take him to the vet. How do you convince your parents to let you keep the dog?

4. Can you write a story that includes a duck, a cat, a hut, and a magical hat?

5. You are headed to a desert island alone. What book would you take with you and why?

6. This is the Penguin Professor and he has discovered a magical cave. Can you persuade him to explore it?

7. Why is this Ape so mad and what would you do if you stumbled upon him?

8. If you could be the first child in space, would you go? Why or why not?

9. Write a newspaper article that a bear getting ready to hibernate would want to read.

10. You are the new owner of a Museum. What type of Museum would it be and what will people discover there?

11. When the children opened the magical book, a giraffe popped out. What else might they find in the book as they turn the pages?

12. Bees are important for pollinating flowers. Write an opinion piece about why we should protect bees and help them to thrive.

13. This bear is a superhero. What do you think his name is? Also, what is his special power and how might he use it against these evil foes?

14. The local comic book store is looking for new ideas. Can you write a new story for them?

15. The baby elephant blew her trunk and wings appeared. How do you think she used her new flying ability?

16. Can you write the rules for Frog Tennis?

17. This owl boat is an incredible invention. Can you think of another animal you could combine with a form of transport? Describe your new creation.

18. Write a scary story about a haunted house and a bat.

19. This building has a special power. Do you know what it is and how it works?

20. What sport to you like the best and why?

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