Grade 1 Picture Writing Prompts

20 Picture Prompts for Grade 1

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1. This clever cat has just rescued her friends! Tell us how she did it! What is her cat superpower?

2. What are the fish and the starfish talking about?

3. Sam the giraffe is climbing Monkey Mountain with his friends, but he is scared of heights! What would you say to Sam to help him keep going?

4. Meet Sam the Giraffe and his friend Will. Sam likes to say thank you by using his long tongue to lick his friends! What has Will done that Sam is about to thank him for?

5. How does your teacher help you? Write them a note to say thanks!

6. Spot the difference! Look carefully, what’s different about these two parrots?

7. Imagine you are standing on this street. Use your five senses to describe your environment.

8. Can you write a sentence to describe this amazing creature?

9. Why are these friends so happy?

10. Who are these wonderful characters? Can you name them and explain why they are best friends?

11. This is Bertie Bee. He is very happy and kind. What makes a person kind?

12. This sledge has arrived in Igloo City without its driver! Who is missing? What happened?

13. If you could give someone a magical gift, what would it be? Who would you give it to?

14. This is Grandma Rivers. She has painted a purple elephant on the wall! What animal would you paint and why?

15. Write about a time that you won a medal or award for something. It could be anything at all that you were rewarded for at home or at school!

16. This animal loves to play music. What instrument do you like playing and why?

17. This magical giraffe has the power to turn invisible. What would your superpower of choice be and why?

18. Who do you think lives in this tent? Why have they chosen this place to call their home?

19. Baseball Bee is ready for some sports in the sun. What sports will they play and why?

20. What do you think is at the top of this staircase? Can you describe it?

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