Grade 3 Picture Writing Prompts

20 picture prompts for Grade 3

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1. The spiders are closing in on the giraffe. What could he do to try and escape?

2. Can you write a story that includes a rocketship, a bear, and a cup of hot chocolate?

3. You are walking through the forest and meet a talking fox. What would you say to him to get him to come home with you?

4. The children just discovered a land made out of books. What would you build with the books and why?

5. Can you write an adventure story about a penguin, a crab, a magical map, and an airplane?

6. You just discovered this magical animal. How would you care for him? What would they eat and where in the world could they live?

7. This elephant has discovered a magical room. Describe what the elephant sees.

8. These children bought some presents to donate to charity. Why is it important to help others?

9. The giraffe has lost his way in the woods. How could he use his five senses to find his way home?

10. Super Pig likes to exercise. Can you write an exercise workout for him?

11. The flamingo is flapping her wings trying to fly. Where do you think she wants to go and why?

12. The boy isn’t sure he wants this food. Can you write up the recipe so he knows what it is made of?

13. It is the first day of winter. Can you write a poem to celebrate?

14. You have been asked to invent a new video game. What are the rules to play?

15. Elephants are in danger of becoming extinct. Write a persuasive story on why people should protect and appreciate them.

16. You discover a magical glowing pizza crust. What toppings could you add to it? What happens when someone eats it?

17. Writing means different things to different people. Can you explain what you love about writing?

18. The children aren’t sure how to scare their parents on Halloween. Can you write a plan for them?

19. The hareplane is an amazing creation! Can you write a story about them?

20. What is happening in this scene? Can you write about what happens next?

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