Grade 5 Picture Writing Prompts

20 picture prompts for Grade 5

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1. Write a story about a car, a dog, a pig, and some acorns!

2. Sam the Spying Giraffe and Night Zookeeper Will are great friends. Describe a fun adventure they go on together.

3. Captain Claw is a lioness pilot! Write a postcard telling her about the exciting destination you are visiting.

4. Sam the Spying Giraffe is a famous athlete! Write a newspaper article about Sam’s exciting high jump performance at the Animal Olympics.

5. Write a story that includes an octopus, a camera, and a jewel!

6. Will is abducted by aliens and taken to their faraway planet! Write a story about the adventures he has exploring this mysterious planet.

7. Summer is a wonderful time of year. Can you write an acrostic poem about what you love about summer?

8. Write about a time you were kind to someone. What did you do and how did it help them?

9. Describe a piece of art that you’d create for your family. What would your painting or sculpture look like and why?

10. Write an ice cream recipe that someone could try for breakfast!

11. Write a story from the point of view of a cloud. What does the world look like from up high?

12. Grudge the Bear is very powerful because he eats Special Flakes everyday. Describe the powers Grudge develops from eating this super cereal!

13. Will is playing hide and seek with his friends Riya, Sam, Professor, and Electro Spike. Write a story describing what happens in the game!

14. Look at this wanted poster! What is this creature called and why is it wanted?

15. Look at this interesting animal. What do you think it is? Write a Fact File about its habitat and diet.

16. Write a story about a penguin, a mouse and a robotic owl in a city made of igloos.

17. Write a story about a frozen floating mountain. Who might live there and why is it floating?

18. This is a strange new species. Can you invent an animal made from a fruit and write a description all about it?

19. If you invented a magical animal, what would it look like? Use adjectives to describe your creation in detail.

20. Write a story from the point of view or this robot gorilla.

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