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New Customers:

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New Customer Questions
How does nightzookeeper.com improve reading and writing?
By providing thousands of fun and engaging lessons, challenges, and games, nightzookeeper.com helps children to learn new words, use them in sentences, and then create amazing pieces of writing that are shared with children from around the world. They receive feedback from our team of tutors as well as other children that highlight where they can improve. In-game awards and competitions keep them motivated to continue to learn and progress.
Is nightzookeeper.com typing or handwriting?
Most of the work completed on nightzookeeper.com is through typing. However children can also submit their handwritten work. We also send regular printable resources that are perfect to work on handwriting skills!
Is nightzookeeper.com available in American or British English?
Nightzookeeper.com offers both options! Simply select your country when you register for the correct curriculum.
Is nightzookeeper.com appropriate for children with special educational needs?
Our program is fully flexible and easily adaptable to your child's learning needs. Our interactive interface works really well for children with special needs, including dyslexia, autism and ADHD. Visit our blog for more information on this!
Do you offer school subscriptions? How do I get a quote?
Yes, we have thousands of schools that use Night Zookeeper in the classroom. Prices are tailored to a school's needs, and you can start a free trial by visiting our Teachers page (linked in the menu). If you want an estimated quote for a large school, district, charter or homeschool co-op, email us on [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.
How does my child get feedback on their work?
Children receive feedback in the form of comments, which are left on every written piece that has been submitted for review. These comments include encouraging phrases to motivate children or more in-depth suggestions on how to improve their work. Our tutors aim to provide feedback within 48 hours.
What are the payment methods for nightzookeeper.com?
Our program operates its own payment system, which means that you can safely input your card details when you register for easy payment. We accept all credit/debit cards except discovery card. If you are having trouble signing up, you may need to inform your bank you'd like to proceed, in order to complete registration.
How much does nightzookeeper.com cost?
The cost of your subscription depends on the length of your plan, as well as how many children are in your account. For more information on pricing, please visit the 'Parent' Page. Pricing is available in several currencies.
What will my child write about?
They’ll write about everything, from stories about magical animals to instructions on how to make the perfect hot chocolate. All genres of writing are gradually introduced including newspaper articles, persuasive writing, reports, and poetry.
My child doesn't like writing - will nightzookeeper.com help?
In short, yes indeed! Nightzookeeper.com has been proven over and over to inspire even the most reluctant writers to develop a love of writing. Trust us, your child will love it too!
How often should we use nightzookeeper.com?
Children should try to use nightzookeeper.com a minimum of 30 minutes a week to get the best out of the program. This will give them time to complete their weekly assignments and check feedback from their tutors. But there is SO much to do on our program so we recommend a few hours a week, or 10-20 minutes a day to take advantage of all the material on offer, and to help your child improve their reading and writing faster.
What ages are best for this program?
Nightzookeeper.com is best for ages 6 to 12. When you join you’ll be able to select the age of your child, and this will change the type of lessons, challenges, games, and level of vocabulary that they will encounter. You can always adjust this in your parent dashboard.
Can I check my child's progress?
You certainly can. When you join nightzookeeper.com you will be given access to a parent dashboard where you can easily monitor your child’s writing, achievements, and the feedback they are receiving from their tutor.
Can I use this on a tablet?
Yes, nightzookeeper.com works across tablets, PC’s and laptops. We recommend using either on Safari, or Google Chrome browsers for best performance.
Do you have a family subscription?
Yes, you can add more than one child to your account. Simply press 'Start Trial' and then add the number of children you would like (up to 3). The price will be displayed on the screen.
How much does Night Zookeeper cost?
We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions to Nightzookeeper.com. Each payment plan includes a free 7 day trial period. Pricing varies by region, but average at: $12.99/month for monthly; $11.33/month for quarterly (paid upfront as $33.99); $9.92/month for yearly (paid upfront as $118.99). We often have a variety of special offers and discounts available, so keep your eyes peeled! Prices for schools & large groups are customised based on needs.
What’s included in a Night Zookeeper subscription?
With a Night Zookeeper subscription, you’ll have full access to our award-winning reading and writing program. Learn more about our program’s features in the user guide at the bottom of this page.
Is Night Zookeeper available in my country?
Night Zookeeper is an international program for any child wanting to develop English reading and writing skills. Simply select your country when you register for an account!
Is Night Zookeeper available in other languages?
Night Zookeeper is currently only available in English however, expanding our program to include different languages is something we’re very passionate about! Keep an eye out for updates! 👀

Existing Customers:

How do I change the difficulty level?

You can change the difficulty level linked to your child's account by logging in to your dashboard, accessing your child's profile settings and clicking onto "Level of Difficulty".

How do I personalize my child’s Night Zookeeper experience?

You can personalize the program to suit your child’s current learning abilities through your dashboard! To disable/enable program features, click onto “features”.

How do I install a speech to text extension?

To install a speech to text extension, please reach out to us at [email protected].

I seem to have a technical issue. What should I do?

For minor technical issues, please try logging out, clearing your browser's cache and then logging back in. If you find that you're still unable to fix the problem, please contact us via email on [email protected].

I get a Network Error message when I try to log in. What should I do?

Here are the domains to unblock (which may be blocked on your browser if you have an ad blocker installed):

  • .nightzookeeper.com (our core domain)
  • .cloudinary.com (image storage)
  • .googleapis.com (fonts)
  • .stripe.com (payment system)
  • .polyfill.io (supporting older browsers)
  • .raven.com (bug reporting)
  • .code.responsivevoice.org (our audio service)
  • .sentry.io (bug reporting)

How do I check my child's progress?

To check your child's progress, simply log into your dashboard and click onto "Progress".

How can I add a child to my plan?

To add a child to your existing plan, simply log in to your dashboard and access your settings by clicking onto "Manage Account". From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add child".

How do I remove a child profile from my account?

To remove a child profile from your account, please email us at [email protected] and include the username of the profile you wish to remove.

How do I set an assignment for my child to complete?

To set an assignment, log in to your dashboard and click on "Assignments". You'll then be able to choose from different writing prompts and lessons and set due dates for them to be completed by your child!

How do I download and/or print my child’s work?

Screenshot your child’s work to download or print it! To do this, simply press Command, Shift, 4 (Mac) or ALT+PRINT SCREEN (most Windows devices) simultaneously. On tablets and smartphones, please use the screen capture feature.

How can my child work on spelling and grammar?

Visit our user guide to learn more about activities that specifically focus on spelling and grammar.

How can I share Nightzookeeper.com with others?

Refer your friends and earn money off your next bill! Get $5/£5 for every friend you refer. They'll also get $5/£5.

Night Zookeeper has a friending feature that allows your child to follow their friends and leave comments on each other’s writing - the perfect reason to refer your child's friends to our program!

To get your child’s friends started, simply share your referral link with their parents. Once their trial period ends and their paid subscription starts, you and your friend will get $5/£5 credited towards your next subscription payment! You can find your referral link in your dashboard.

You can refer as many people as you like! You will receive $5/£5 bill credit for every successful referral. Terms and conditions apply.

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If you still have questions after reading through the above, please email us on [email protected] with your query, and one of our team will be happy to help.

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