25 Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

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Writing helps children develop their communication, emotional intelligence, self-expression, and confidence. We know this skill doesn't always come naturally to children, so we're here to make it easy and fun to learn!

Here are 25 fantastically fun writing prompts for you to try, whether you’re homeschooling, or simply looking for an educational activity to do at the weekend:

  1. You find a door in the school that you have never seen before. You peer through the large keyhole and see something that resembles a time machine… What happens next? Do you try to open the door?
  2. Write a story about a Monster that shows up at your birthday party.
  3. Write a story about a magical ring that can grant all your favorite things. Until…
  4. You are the main character in your favorite video game. What happens?
  5. Story starter: You’re watching your favorite movie when suddenly, you get pulled into the screen! After a moment of confusion, you discover that you’ve replaced the main character... What happens next?
  6. You’re building your dream treehouse, but first you need to get all the materials you need to complete it! Can you write a list of everything you need to build your treehouse?
  7. Your best friend gives you their favorite book, and you find out it has magical powers! What are its magical powers? How will you use them?
  8. Once upon a time, in Fairy Tale Land, there lived a sad, sad princess. She was always teased by her family members, so she set off on an adventure…
  9. Time for an adventure story: you wake up in a spaceship and a fellow astronaut tells you that you’re there to explore outer space. What happens? Do you discover a new planet? Who do you meet?
  10. What is your favorite animal, and what is the funniest thing about them? Write a report on this and include as many fun facts as you can!
  11. A package arrives. It is shaking violently.The worst part is you didn’t order anything. Write a short story about what happens when you open the package.
  12. Can you describe your favorite food? Is it ice cream? A burger? Pasta? Tell us all about it!
  13. You’re walking through the park when you spot a group of older kids playing your favorite sport. As you approach them to ask if you can join them, you spot a very shiny object by a tree. As you get closer, you can’t believe what you’ve discovered... What is it? And what happens next?
  14. You find yourself stranded on a desert island. As you search for other people and food, you find a cell phone that seems to be giving you directions to a mysterious location. Are you accepting the quest? What challenges do you face? Do you find a treasure, or something more dangerous? Write an exciting adventure story based on your quest to solve this mystery.
  15. Write an acrostic poem about your favorite season.
  16. You discover an animal that you’ve never seen before and it bestows some magical powers on you that change your life! Write a letter to a good friend explaining this.
  17. If I Found One Million Dollars… Write an adventure story that starts when you discover a bag containing one million dollars. Do you spend it, or save it? Do you buy all your favorite toys, or do you pretend you never found anything?
  18. Pretend that you are a “grown-up” who is 70 or 80 years old. Write a complaint about what is wrong with “kids these days”!
  19. If your favorite holiday is Christmas, we’ve got a secret mission for you: write a story persuading Santa that you could be his very best elf.
  20. Chindōgu (珍道具) is the Japanese art of inventing useless gadgets. Design a useless gadget and persuade people to buy it!
  21. What superpower would you NOT want and why?
  22. If you could create the perfect TV show, what would it be? What would happen?
  23. Write a story about what you think it’d be like to visit another planet for the first time.
  24. Can you invent your own company and write about what it would do?
  25. Journal writing prompt: What are your favorite things about yourself? Write a list of all the things that make you unique and special.
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More Writing Resources for Kids

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of creative writing prompts for kids! For more creative writing ideas and prompts, check these out:

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