Picture Writing Prompts

100+ Prompts for Grades 1-6

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Whether you're a parent or teacher (or both, if you're a homeschooler), these picture writing prompts are designed to get your child's mind alive and kicking! They are arranged by grade level for you to choose which would benefit your child the most.

These picture writing prompts are aimed at elementary & primary school children and are arranged according to US Grades 1 to 6. We have over 100 prompts in total across the six grades, and you are free to mix and match as you wish!

Writing prompts help kids unlock their creativity, build writing skills and improve their self-expression. Get started by flicking through the tabs above, or following the links below:

If your child (or students!) loved these prompts, our online program features an abundance of writing prompts, exercises and interactive writing creation with characters. We have designed our program to work in both home and school settings. Find out more:

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