Grade 2 Picture Writing Prompts

20 picture prompts for Grade 2

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1. This is the home of Grudge the Bear. Why do you think he is so grumpy?

2. Where does this winding path lead? Describe what you might find there at the end of the road.

3. Describe what this bird can see looking down from its cloud in the sky!

4. Can you write a story that includes a boat, a magic carpet, a rat, and a bat?

5. Why are these spiky bugs trying to escape? What is making the shadow in the background?

6. Share your opinion! Should children be able to take their pets to school?

7. This is the Grandmaster of Monkey Mountain. He is hurt! What happened?

8. Describe the star attraction in your dream adventure park! Would it be fast? Would you ride in a river of chocolate? Let your imagination run wild!

9. Meet Will, Riya, and Sam the Giraffe. Sam is hoping there are bananas in the picnic basket! What would you pack for your perfect picnic?

10. Meet Will and Riya! They’ve just set off on an adventure together.

Where do you think they are going on their magical dragon boat?

11. What are you feeling thankful for? A box full of paints? Beautiful falling leaves? Write it down!

12. What sweets would you use to decorate different parts of your gingerbread house and why?

13. Write some instructions for building the perfect den! What equipment would you need?

14. The Penguin Professor loves to read, Vincent van Melon paints all the time, and Mr. Fisher likes to act! What hobby do you enjoy the most?

15. Write a story about the night a rainbow appeared in the Night Zoo sky! How did the rainbow get there, and what was at the end?

16. What would you do if were the size of an ant? Would you ride on a bird’s back or sleep in a matchbox? Write about your tiny adventure!

17. Write a story about landing on the moon! What do you find when you get there?

18. How has this fish ended up in the sky? Does it have a magical power?

19. This dinosaur has been playing in the fancy dress box! Write a description of its bright and cheerful costume.

20. Who do you think lives here? Can you describe their appearance and their personality?

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