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December is most people’s favorite month, as it’s a month full of joy, festivities and celebrations! This is also a very busy time of the year, and we’re here to help you by providing some free, educational content for your child to try during the break.

Brrrrrrrring on the writing prompts!

December Month Prompts:

  1. December 3rd is “Make a Gift Day”. What are five gifts you can make at home?
  2. Do you have a particular activity that you like to do during the month of December? What is this activity and why can you only do it in December?
  3. December 5th is “Wildlife Conservation Day”. What can you do to help protect endangered species everyday?
  4. “Gingerbread Decorating Day” happens on the 10th of December! Write down a set of rules for a family gingerbread decorating competition.
  5. On the 7th of December, the US celebrates “National Letter Writing Day”. Write a letter to your best friend to tell them about your holiday plans.
  6. December 8th is “Pretend To Be a Time Traveller Day”! Write a short story about travelling back in time to fix a mistake you made.
  7. What’s your favorite thing about the month of December?
  8. December 9th is “Christmas Card Day”! Write and decorate a Christmas card to a loved one.
  9. Write a detailed plan for a fun activity you’d like to do with your family or friends this weekend.
  10. “Human Rights Day” is celebrated on the 10th of December. Write a persuasive speech on why it is important to treat everyone with respect, kindness and compassion.
  11. Journal prompt: One thing that made me happy today was…
  12. December 18th is “Bake Cookies Day”! Can you describe your favorite cookie in detail? What does it look like? What does it taste like?
  13. December 27th is “Visit The Zoo Day”! Write a diary entry about your most recent trip to the zoo!

Christmas Writing Prompts:

  1. Christmas is coming! What is your usual Christmas Day routine? Can you write a diary entry detailing it?
  2. The phone rings and you answer it... It’s Santa! He wants your help delivering some presents in your hometown. How will you help him get everyone’s presents delivered in time for Christmas? Write a story about your adventure.
  3. A super villain disguised as a sweet, old lady has been handing out gingerbread cookies that make people turn green! Write a story on finding out who this villain is and how you defeat them.
  4. Do you have any special holiday traditions that you do with your family and/or friends every year? Can you tell us about your favorite one? What is it and why is it your favorite?
  5. What is something you can do to help the local community this holiday season? Can you list five different ways to help the people around you?
  6. Christmas is almost here, and it is a lot of people’s favorite holiday - but what is YOUR favorite holiday and why?
  7. You’re walking out of the kitchen after you’re done with your Christmas baking, when you notice something moving... One of the gingerbread man cookies you baked is alive! What happens next?
  8. You travel to the north pole to find Santa’s workshop has been taken over by evil elves, who are trying to sabotage Christmas! How will you help Santa, Rudolph, the other reindeers and good elves to get their workshop back before Christmas?
  9. Write an acrostic poem using the words SANTA CLAUS.
  10. Write a story about a magical Christmas tree that can grant you three wishes - how did you find it? What do you wish for? What happens when one of your wishes doesn’t go to plan?
  11. You’re caught in a science experiment that accidentally transforms you into a gingerbread man! Write a short story about how it’s like to live in your new gingerbread house.
  12. What is the best gift you’ve ever received and why?
  13. Write a letter to Santa suggesting a new method of transportation to give Rudolph and the other reindeers a chance to spend Christmas with their families.
  14. What is the most meaningful Christmas present you’ve ever received and why? Can you give three different reasons as to why it meant/means so much to you?
  15. List 10 Christmas activities to do with your family or friends during the month of December.
  16. For some countries, December is actually a summer month! Write about what it’s like (if you live in one or these countries), or how you think it would be to spend Christmas at the beach!
  17. In your opinion, what is the best part of a Christmas dinner? Why?
  18. You’re being interviewed to be Santa’s main helper this Christmas time. Write a persuasive speech on why you’d be the best helper ever!

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New Year’s Writing Prompts

  1. Do you have any travel plans for next year? If so, what are they and what are you hoping to do? If not, what is one place you’d love to visit next year?
  2. Do you have any new year’s resolutions? What are you hoping to achieve next year?
  3. And just like that, it’s new year’s eve! How are you planning to celebrate the start of a brand new year?
  4. What are three things you’re planning to do in January?
  5. What is a good habit you’d like to stick to next year? Can you describe it and explain why you’d be proud to develop this habit?
  6. If you could travel back in time to the beginning of this year, what would you have done differently and why?
  7. A new year always prompts us to reflect on the year we’ve had. Write a reflection piece on three things you’re proud to have achieved and three things you want to improve in the new year.

Be sure to visit our New Year’s Writing Prompts page for more!

December Winter Prompts:

  1. Have you ever built a snowman? Write a list of everything you need to build the world’s greatest snowman.
  2. Write down your favorite hot chocolate recipe.
  3. Short story prompt: On a cold, snowy night, a little snowflake is separated from its family by a strong gust of wind…
  4. Write a set of instructions on how to build a sleigh.
  5. Write a story about a penguin who is a professional ice-skater and enters the Animal Winter Olympics for the first time.
  6. What are some sports you can only do in the winter?
  7. On the 21st of December, we celebrate the winter solstice! This is when we have the longest night and shortest day of the entire year! Write an adventure story about a night that never ends - how will you restore the daylight?

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