January Writing Prompts For Kids

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Now that the holidays seem like a distant memory, it’s time to focus on the year ahead. Get your child back into writing mode with some fantastically fun creative writing prompts!

Here are the best January writing prompts to get your child excited for the new year:

  1. What are your top ten favorite things about the previous year? Can you list each of your points and explain why they’re so special to you?
  2. What’s something you’re hoping to do in the month of January? This can be a playdate with your friends, visiting family, trying new foods - you name it!
  3. On January 13th, we celebrate “Make Your Dream Come True Day”. What is your biggest dream?
  4. Journal prompt: This year, I will help my friends and family by...
  5. Write an acrostic poem using the word JANUARY. Remember to start each line of the poem with the corresponding letter of the word!
  6. January 19th is “Good Memory Day”. What’s a good memory you have from the past year?
  7. Have you set any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they and why do you want to achieve them? If not, why have you decided not to set New Year’s resolutions?
  8. What activities and events come to mind when you think of the month of January? Can you name 10 different things?
  9. On January 20th, we celebrate “Penguin Awareness Day”. Write a list of five things we can do to preserve their habitat.
  10. January 21st is “International Playdate Day”. Plan out the best playdate for you and your friends!
  11. January 24th is “Speak Up and Succeed Day”. What is a cause you’re passionate about and want to raise awareness of?
  12. What is your favorite month of the year? Why is it your favorite?
  13. On January 31st, we celebrate “Inspire Your Heart With Art Day”. How does art (your own or others’) inspire you every day?
  14. Daily writing prompt: The best part of my day was...

January winter prompts

  1. On your way to the park, you spot a friendly snowman that seems to be waving at you as you walk past. But how can that be? You decide to investigate by getting closer, and realize that the snowman is alive! Write a short story about how you and the friendly snowman became best friends.
  2. How would you describe a snowflake to someone who’s never seen one before? Be as descriptive as you can!
  3. To start off the new year with an incredible adventure, your parents are taking you to the North Pole. Remember - it’s freezing! Can you write a list of everything you need to pack in your suitcase for visiting a snowy environment?
  4. January 15th is “World Snow Day”! Write an action-filled story about an epic snowball fight.
  5. Story starter: It was around 3pm when mom asked me to get the mail from outside. As I was walking back, something made me stop in my tracks - a polar bear was standing right by the front door... and it didn’t look very happy.
  6. Write a short story about a magical portal that transports you to a beautiful winter wonderland. What does the portal look like? Where did you find it? What’s so special about this land?
  7. What is a fun winter activity you do every year? Do you do this activity with your family, or with your friends? Where can you do this activity?
  8. Write a winter-themed adventure story, about a pirate ship that got caught in a huge snowfall.
  9. Have you ever gone sledding? How was your experience? Did you enjoy it? Who did you go with? Write a report on your sledding experience.

More winter writing prompts!

January summer prompts

Family reading together outside.
  1. The new school year is almost here! What are five things you’re looking forward to doing on your first day back at school?
  2. You’ve entered your school’s young writers competition and have won a dream summer vacation! Where are you going? Who are you taking with you? What activities will you be doing?
  3. Story starter: It was early in the morning when I decided to meet my friends at the beach to go swimming and play some volleyball. When I arrived, I noticed that the beach was completely deserted and the water was gone! Where was everyone? Where was the water? I set off to solve the mystery...
  4. Journal prompt: I’d really like to try __________ this summer, because ...
  5. Write down your perfect summer morning routine.
  6. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

More summer writing prompts!

More writing prompts

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