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Christmas is many people’s favorite holiday, as it brings family and friends together to enjoy everything the season has to offer: Christmas cards, gingerbread cookies, the joy of Christmas morning... the list goes on!

Christmas is also a great time to let your child’s imagination run wild! Here are the best creative writing prompts for this special celebration:

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  1. Short story starter: Christmas Eve was especially cold and snowy last year. So cold in fact, that I couldn’t sleep! As I tossed and turned in bed, I caught a glimpse of something outside my window... I could not believe my eyes - it was Santa!
  2. Write a detailed description of your Christmas tree.
  3. Make a list of five different Christmas activities you want to do with your family and/or friends this year.
  4. Santa Claus is looking for extra help this year! Write a letter to Santa explaining why you’d be his best helper.
  5. You wake up on Christmas morning to find that everyone’s Christmas gifts have vanished! Write an adventure story on how you recover all the gifts from the person (or creature) who stole them.
  6. Do you have any special or unusual Christmas traditions? If so, what are they? And if not, what is a holiday tradition you’d like to experience?
  7. What has been the best Christmas you’ve ever had? Can you give three detailed reasons as to why it was your favorite Christmas?
  8. Journal prompt: this Christmas day, I’m most thankful for...
  9. Write an epic Christmas story about a toy that comes to life in Santa’s workshop.
  10. Write a poem about what it’s like to be a snowman.
  11. Draw a new sleigh for Santa that would allow him to carry 5 times more Christmas presents. What is so special about this new sleigh? Does it have any magical powers? Tell us all about it!
  12. What do you think is the most wanted Christmas gift on everyone’s wish list this Christmas?
  13. Imagine you live in a gingerbread house in a faraway land. Write a Christmas letter to a loved one describing what Christmas is like in your delicious house.
  14. One habit I will try to maintain this Christmas season is ... because ...
  15. Christmas time isn’t just about gifts. What does Christmas mean to you?
  16. Santa’s elves want to plan a Christmas surprise for Santa, to reward him for all his hard work. Can you write down a checklist of everything they need to throw the perfect Christmas themed party?
  17. What’s something you can only do during the winter break?
  18. Write a persuasive letter to Santa Claus to convince them to move from the North Pole to your hometown. Why should he move to where you live? What’s special about your town/city?
  19. Help! Rudolph is sick and can’t lead the other reindeer on Christmas Eve! Who do you think would be the best animal to step in on behalf of Rudolph to ensure that all the Christmas presents are delivered by Christmas morning? You must describe this animal (it can be a fictional character or a real animal), and give three reasons for your suggestion.
  20. We don’t want anyone to be bored on Christmas Day! Write a list of fun Christmas activities to do as a family.
  21. What are your top five Christmas memories?
  22. Write an adventure story about a gingerbread man who wants to be a detective - why is it a dream of his to become a detective? What does he do to become one? What mysteries does he solve?
  23. New Year is fast approaching! What is something you’re hoping to do between Christmas and New Year?
  24. Journal writing prompt: If your favorite toy could write a letter to Santa, what do you think it would ask for this Christmas?
  25. What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Can you explain why this thing is so special?
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