New Year Writing Prompts for Kids

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Happy New Year!

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Our New Year’s resolution is to make writing fantastically fun for your child! Here are the best creative writing prompts to help improve your child’s writing skills while they have fun:

  1. In what ways were you kind to your friends, family, and teachers this past year?
  2. A New Year’s Resolution is a promise to do something differently in the new year. Can you write your own New Year’s Resolution?
  3. January always makes us think of new beginnings. Can you write a poem that focuses on the word “Beginning”?
  4. Write about the New Year’s Eve traditions your family has.
  5. What is your favorite memory from the previous year?
  6. Can you write an adventure story with a character that has alliteration in their name? Example: Florence Flamingo.
  7. Do you have any travel plans for next year? If so, where are you going and what are you most excited about?
  8. What month are you most looking forward to this coming year? Can you write a diary entry about why?
  9. How do you celebrate New Year? Do you eat any special dishes? Do you play specific games with your family and friends?
  10. Grudge the Bear has blue fur. Can you create another animal that is the color blue?
  11. What’s one thing you hope to achieve or accomplish this year?
  12. Can you write a haiku about winter? Remember the format: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.
  13. Can you write about an accomplishment that you achieved last year? Why are you proud of it?
  14. What is something you always do on the first day of the year?
  15. The start of a new year is the perfect time to try a new hobby. What is a hobby you’d like to try next year and why?
  16. Story starter: As the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, an unexpected visitor appeared in the backyard - a magical creature who promised an extraordinary adventure to anyone brave enough to follow the trail of shimmering stardust...
  17. New Year journal prompt: Look back on the last year and reflect on something you’re proud of.

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