15 Summer Writing Prompts For Kids

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It's finally time to bring out the beach towels, swimwear and sun cream! However, we can't forget how important it is to keep your child's brain active during the summer break. No one wants to go back to school feeling like they can’t even remember how to properly hold a pen!

Never fear - we’ve come up with some great summer writing prompts to exercise your child’s mind and get them thinking of fun things to do during this long-awaited break from school!

  1. Can you write a reflective piece on how the last school year went?
  2. Hurry! You’re off to a tropical island but only have 1 hour to pack your suitcase! What are you bringing? Write a list of all your vacation essentials.
  3. While at the beach, you meet a wise fisherman, who claims to have met a magical creature during one of their travels. Can you recall the story they told you?
  4. A day at the beach wouldn’t be complete without …
  5. If you could travel anywhere (it can be a real or fictional place), where would you go? Why?
  6. What is one thing you want to achieve this summer? This could be learning a new skill, a different language, … We want to know!
  7. What is something you do every summer? Why is this a tradition?
  8. “The summer months are always way too hot.” Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  9. You’re hunting for pretty seashells by the shore when you spot a very small, shiny key. What kind of treasures could this key unlock?
  10. Write a letter to a friend telling them all about your most recent vacation.
  11. Do you believe in mermaids? Write a persuasive argument on why or why not.
  12. What are the 5 best things about the summertime?
  13. You’re going on a picnic with your friends and have been tasked with bringing green foods ONLY. What are you bringing to the picnic and why?
  14. In your opinion, what’s the best game to play in summer?
  15. Write a poem about your favorite summer memory.

Write through the seasons:

We hope these writing prompts get your child in a very summery mood! If you’re looking for some inspiration for summer activities you can do as a family, take a look at our Summer Learning Activities blog post!

To keep your child inspired, our program is full of fantastically fun writing exercises for kids! Our gamified approach to learning will keep your child’s brain active during the school break.

Don’t forget to share your child’s writing with us on social media using the hashtag #nzkwritingprompts. Visit our pages:

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