16 Fantastic Fall/Autumn Writing Prompts

16 Fantastic Fall/Autumn Writing Prompts thumbnail

Fall Writing Prompts

Here at Night Zookeeper, we love to celebrate autumn/fall - the leaves are changing into gorgeous colours and are soon getting ready to fall off the trees - a great visual metaphor for change!

For some, autumn (or fall!) symbolises harvest, and the beginning processes of hibernation before winter. For others, fall means that hay rides, Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner.

With all this fun to look forward to, it's easy to forget about school... If this sounds like your child, don't worry! We’ve created a list of fun fall writing prompts to keep your child on track and make writing a part of your autumn/fall routine! 🍁

  1. What colours and scents do you associate with fall? Write freely about everything that comes to mind.

  2. What three words do you associate with autumn? Please write a short story including these words.

  3. When you think of autumn what images come to mind? Can you describe the scenery? What happens to nature?

  4. Write a report about magical animal that would love fall!

  5. Write a short story about a magical pumpkin that comes to life!

  6. Can you think of a nice memory you’ve shared with someone during fall? Write a letter to them reminding them of the memory.

  7. Autumn can be a spooky season. Write a story about Halloween and think about what makes the holiday so spooky!

  8. Can you write a play about a little ghost who got lost on his way back to his haunted mansion? Make sure to give him a name!

  9. Did you know this season is called both “fall” and “autumn”? Write a persuasive essay about why you think it has both names!

  10. Think about the sound leaves make when you step on them. Write a poem describing this.

  11. What would your magical creature dress up as for Halloween? Write a story about their costume! What would they wear?

  12. Think of your favourite Halloween candy. Can you create a brand new flavour and candy type?

  13. Do you like autumn? What’s your favourite season and why?

  14. Autumn is usually associated with the colour red, orange and yellow. If you could pick a colour for leaves to turn, what would you pick and why?

  15. Imagine you’re going on a hay ride with your magical animal. Write an adventure story about what happens.

  16. You’re on your way to check on your animals in the Night Zoo and you run into a ghost! Write a conversation between the two of you.

More seasonal prompts:

For more endlessly fun writing exercises for kids, our program will keep your child inspired to write and learn this Autumn.

We'd love to read all the wonderful stories and texts written by your child! Be sure to share them with us on social media using the hashtag #nzkwritingprompts!

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