Elementary Writing Prompts

100+ prompts for Grades 1-6

Whether your child is a reluctant writer or a budding young author, these fun writing prompts are designed to get your child's mind alive and kicking, and to encourage them to create their own stories! Writing prompts help kids unlock their creativity, build writing skills and improve their self-expression. From short story starters, to prompts about family members, to journal prompts, we have writing prompts for all kinds of things!

These writing prompts for elementary school children are arranged from Grade 1 (for beginners) all the way to Grade 6 (for older kids) for you to choose which would benefit your child the most. We have over 100 writing prompts in total across the six grades, which can be used during the school year, incorporated into lesson plans, or even as a summer break activity!

Get started by flicking through the tabs above, or following the links below:

If you’re looking for even more writing ideas, children usually love to write about their favorite things! Here’s a list of favorites to pick from:

  • favorite book
  • favorite movie
  • favorite animal
  • favorite food
  • favorite hobby
  • favorite holiday
  • favorite season
  • favorite sport
  • favorite TV show
  • favorite toy
  • favorite character

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Our language arts program for kids features an abundance of writing ideas, writing prompts and exercises, as well as interactive writing creation with characters. We have designed our writing program to work in both home and school settings, so you’ll be covered whether you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler!

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