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Improve your child's story writing skills!

Our Program

For your child to improve their story writing ability, they need to learn about a variety of skills and techniques - from planning, to plot twists, to problem and solutions, and many more! The articles in this section of our site cover some of these key skills, and include free, downloadable resources for offline tuition. To make an engaging story requires many different skills, all of which we can help your child improve upon!

At Night Zookeeper, we believe strongly in children building literacy skills from an early age. More specifically, we know how crucial story writing can be for children to develop a variety of life skills, such as self-expression.

Our reading and writing program helps children improve their story writing and overall literacy skills by making the process of learning to read and write into a fun, exciting game! The free, downloadable resources in this section draw on visuals and characters from the program to help engage your child.

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