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Nightzookeeper.com is an online learning program that helps children with reading and writing, and unlocks their creativity.

Our program has helped over 1 million children aged 6-12, to develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills.

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Our series of story books set in the magical Night Zoo introduce children to a world of endless possibilities and provide the inspiration for much of the creativity that is produced on the website.
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Free access to resources for teachers and parents to use with children aged 6 to 12 to improve their reading & writing skills.

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Discover the expected standards for children across writing, reading, grammar, spelling and punctuation, and how you can help your child achieve them.

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Night Zookeeper Blog

World Creative Writing Month 2023: 5 Million Word Quest! thumbnail
Hannah Erickson avatar
Hannah Erickson

World Creative Writing Month 2023: 5 Million Word Quest!

March is World Creative Writing Month and this year at Night Zookeeper we are challenging our young writers with a 5 Million Word Quest. Every word published by our Night Zookeepers will count towards our collective goal of reaching 5 Million Words!
How To Get Your Child To Love Writing thumbnail
Ariana Silva avatar
Ariana Silva

How To Get Your Child To Love Writing

Writing is one of the most used types of communication, and it’s a skill your child will need in their academic journey. However, teaching your child to love writing can be an extremely challenging task. This is why we've gathered our favorite ways to inspire a love for writing in your child!
January Writing Prompts For Kids thumbnail
Ariana Silva avatar
Ariana Silva

January Writing Prompts For Kids

Happy new year, and happy January! Now that the holidays seem like a distant memory, we must focus on the year ahead and on all the exciting days and events coming our way! Here are the best January writing prompts to get your child excited for the new year.

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