Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Selecting a writing curriculum for your child

Night Zookeeper is used by many homeschoolers as their homeschool writing curriculum. The program has been designed to inspire young writers and fuel their creativity. As writing is a crucial skill in any child’s educational development, our mission is to ensure it is an enjoyable and engaging experience for children. Our language arts program motivates children to enhance their writing skills while they're having fun.

Our program can be used as either a full curriculum or as a supplemental resource. Night Zookeeper offers a variety of ways to cater to children of all writing levels, from those who struggle to those who have a passion for writing.

With many curricula and programs claiming to transform young writers into budding young authors, it becomes crucial to gather information about choosing a writing curriculum before reaching a decision.

What is a homeschool writing curriculum?

A homeschool writing curriculum can be a comprehensive program or a set of educational materials used to teach writing skills in a homeschool. These resources can be digital or physical and include lessons, activities, games, and exercises that cover different aspects of writing:

  • Composing sentences
  • Developing grammar skills
  • Building a rich vocabulary
  • Writing stories
  • Other creative writing (such as poetry)

Homeschool writing curricula are generally tailored to meet the specific needs and grade levels of students. Homeschool parents and guardians can manage this to find the best homeschool writing curriculum for their child, with the core focus on building strong writing skills in a home-based learning environment.

The role of a homeschool writing curriculum

Teaching writing to children can be a challenging task, but a homeschool writing curriculum will help simplify this process. Parents can often feel a lot of pressure to try and make writing engaging for their child, whilst also ensuring it is improving their skills. Having a curriculum on hand to offer this structure for you will ensure you feel supported when teaching writing.

By choosing a writing curriculum in your homeschool, you ensure that your child not only excels in writing, but also in reading, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, as these skills are interconnected. Writing is also a necessary skill to study humanities subjects.

Writing plays a big role in a child's overall development, enhancing communication, critical thinking, and confidence from an early age. These skills are valuable academically, professionally, and personally. We understand that homeschool families enjoy the sense of freedom that homeschooling offers, but having a structured curriculum for a skill like writing can add a necessary element of organization to your child's learning journey.

Parent and child working together

Benefits of a homeschool writing curriculum

A homeschool writing curriculum offers a range of benefits, not only improving a child's writing skills but also playing a crucial role in their overall educational and personal growth. There are a host of benefits to be had for the parent too!

Benefits for the child:

  • Enthusiasm: Your child will feel genuinely excited to learn if they are using a writing curriculum that is interactive and fun.
  • Confidence: You’ll see your child’s confidence grow as their skills improve, and you’ll no longer find yourself having disagreements over completing writing assignments because they will genuinely enjoy it.
  • Creativity: Your child will be inspired to explore and express their thoughts and ideas.
  • Skill development: Developing your child’s writing skills will help them not only in other subjects they learn but also in their future careers. Being a strong writer will essentially help them be better at other language arts-based topics, like reading, spelling, and grammar.
  • Preparation for further education: Being a strong writer will be a fundamental benefit when they reach high school level.
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Benefits for the parent:

  • Structure: It provides the option to have an organized framework for teaching writing, making it easier for homeschool parents to guide their child’s learning effectively. You can also decide how and when you use this structure.
  • Consistency: You’ll be able to rely on the curriculum to bring consistency to your homeschool student's writing progress and will ensure all essentials are covered.
  • Versatility: Choosing a curriculum that suits your child's learning requirements removes the need for you to create customized plans.
  • Clear objectives: By following a curriculum, you can be confident that your child is working toward clear learning goals, and that the curriculum's content is designed to achieve those objectives.

“My kids love this writing curriculum!! They are very artistically inclined and this is right up their alley! They are learning how to write while drawing animals and making stories. I love the feedback from the zookeepers who help edit the kid's work! I just really think the program is really fun and well put together. The kids love all the games and they are learning language arts at the same time - yay!”
- Jennifer, homeschool parent, US

Challenges of a homeschool writing curriculum

Homeschooling often presents its own set of challenges, and implementing a homeschool writing curriculum can contribute to this. Many homeschooling families encounter common obstacles when selecting a writing program:

  • Motivation: Keeping a child motivated during their writing lessons can be a struggle. It’s important to find an interactive writing curriculum that will keep them engaged whilst also improving their writing skills.
  • Resource availability: Accessing a curriculum can be difficult for some homeschool families. Finding a curriculum that will be easy to access for multiple children and doesn't require a lot of additional materials is very helpful. Online programs are a great remedy for this, as they are all in one place and can be accessed anywhere.
  • Time management: Implementing a structured curriculum requires time. This can be challenging if the homeschool parent has a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Choosing a curriculum that creates the lessons and assesses the work for you can help combat this issue.
  • Balancing creativity with structure: It’s helpful to have a framework to follow, but many homeschool families opt for a more flexible approach. It’s important to find a homeschool writing curriculum that aligns with your preferences. This may involve selecting a curriculum with a less rigid structure, offering a more adaptable approach that you can customize according to your preferences and requirements.

“My son has always struggled with writing due to some obstacles he has to work to overcome and LOATHED any writing assignments and even shorter practice assignments. Night Zookeeper has been the key to getting him engaged and excited to write. He will spend a good deal of time playing, and actually LOOKS FORWARD to the writing!”
- Lanie, homeschool parent, US

Why choose Night Zookeeper

Choosing a homeschool writing curriculum can be tough with so many options available. It's important to pick one that fits your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that if your child doesn't enjoy what they're learning, it can negatively affect their progress and make homeschooling more challenging and stressful for you as a homeschool parent.

Here's why Night Zookeeper is a great choice for your homeschool writing curriculum:

  • Writing features: From writing lessons to writing prompts, your child will be spoilt for choice with exciting work they can do on our program. Many of the activities will help your child with sentence structure, persuasive writing, essay writing, writing strands, and much more.
  • The storyline: Our program offers a unique approach to teaching writing skills. Through interactive online adventures, students become "Night Zookeepers" in our virtual Night Zoo. Your child’s writing skills will be elevated when they navigate through the Night Zoo map, playing all the games and activities to further their progress.
  • It’s FUN: We make learning to write genuinely fun for kids by turning it into an interactive game. They’ll feel inspired to explore their own writing potential through the lessons, games, and activities throughout the program. It’s so fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!
  • Full English Language Arts Program: Night Zookeeper is built around a comprehensive language arts curriculum. Alongside writing, the program covers reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Our program can also be your homeschool reading curriculum that will complement your child’s progress made in their writing curriculum.

“Night Zookeeper is an excellent program that I am so glad to have found for my 7-year-old son. Before Night Zookeeper he was very intimidated by writing, now he plays Night Zookeeper almost every day. Thanks to Night Zookeeper he has learned about different types of writing as well as works on improving his spelling, grammar punctuation, and more. This game has blown us out of the water with how much he has been able to learn while having fun in the process.”
- Noel, homeschool parent, US

Try Night Zookeeper

Writing doesn't have to be a tedious subject to teach in your homeschool. Night Zookeeper transforms the process of learning to write into an enjoyable experience for your child by making it genuinely fun. With numerous writing games designed to enhance your child's writing skills, you'll witness their love for writing blossom every day.

Try Night Zookeeper today with our 7-day free trial!

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