30 Super Writing Prompts for September

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September is one of our favorite months, as we commemorate some very special days, including International Literacy Day and National Book Day.

Here are our top September writing prompts to share with your child:

  1. Daily writing prompt for the month of September: The weather today is... and it makes me feel...
  2. September marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. What is your favorite thing about autumn?
  3. September is also when lots of children worldwide go back to school! What is one thing you’re excited to learn this school year?
  4. September 4th is National Wildlife Day in the US. Write about a fun-filled day in the wild, what animals are you hanging out with?
  5. On September 5th, we celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day in America! What is your favorite type of pizza? Why is it your favorite?
  6. September 6th is National Read a Book Day in the US! What is your favorite book you’ve read?
  7. September 8th is International Literacy Day. Why is it important to know how to read and write?
  8. September 9th is Teddy Bear Day. If you could create your own teddy bear, what would it look like? Create a list of 10 characteristics it would have.
  9. September 10th is National Grandparents Day in the US! What is something you love to do with your grandparents?
  10. What are 10 things you think everyone should know about your best friend?
  11. Write an acrostic poem using the word SEPTEMBER.
  12. September 13th is Positive Thinking Day! What are some kind words you can think of to help others get through their day?
  13. If you could invite a character from a book, TV series, or film, who would it be? What activities would you do?
  14. What is your favorite day of the week, why?
  15. One goal you have for this school year is…
  16. What does being a good neighbor mean to you?
  17. Would you rather have hands as feet or feet as hands? In a short essay, write about how your day with hands as feet or feet as hands. Was it harder than you thought? Did you have to re-learn anything?
  18. September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Talk like a pirate for the entire day and write a short essay explaining how your day went. How did people around you act?
  19. September 20th is International Peace Day. In your opinion, what are three things everyone could do to bring peace to the world?
  20. Describe your perfect school day.
  21. Labor Day is an American holiday that happens on the first Monday of September, to celebrate people’s hard work and commitment to helping their communities. Write a thank you letter to the workers in your local community (firefighters, supermarket workers, postmen, ...).
  22. September 22 is Save the Koalas Day. Describe a day in the life of a Koala.
  23. If you could invent a brand new video game, what would it be? Describe the game, think of a name for it, and draw the cover for it!
  24. Journal prompt: This month I am excited to...
  25. If you could write your own book, what would the story be about?
  26. Imagine you have a pen pal on the other side of the world. Describe your favorite things about where you live and explain why they should visit you!
  27. Would you rather live 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future? Why?
  28. Describe yourself at the age of 50 - what would it look like? What job would you have? Where are you living? What does your house look like? What kind of car do you drive?
  29. What was the last book you read? Write about the plot, what happened? How did you connect with the characters in the book?
  30. You just got a treehouse in your backyard, what is in it?
Girl in a treehouse.

More Writing Prompts

Family writing together.

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