July Writing Prompts For Kids

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July is here and we have lots to celebrate, including Fourth of July in the US, World Chocolate Day, and International Day of Friendship! These special occasions are perfect to get your child writing, so we’ve compiled a list of creative writing prompts that will inspire your child!

  1. Knock Knock, July 1st is International Joke Day! What is your favorite joke to tell?
  2. Daily writing prompt: Today is going to be a good day because...
  3. Choose five words to describe your last July. Why does each word fit your experience?
  4. The 4th of July is a very special holiday in the United States of America. If you live in the US, how do you usually celebrate this holiday? And if you live in a different country, what do you know about this special day?
  5. What is your favorite treat to have in July? Write a persuasive essay explaining your point of view.
  6. If I had a waterpark in my backyard, it would be…
  7. July 7th is World Chocolate Day! If you could build anything entirely made of chocolate, what would it be? Why?
  8. Write a list of the best activities that you can do during the month of July.
  9. Write about the best vacation you’ve ever had. Describe what you did, who was there, and where you were!
  10. Write a poem describing the last day of July.
  11. I am excited for the new school year to start because…
  12. If I could visit another planet I would go to…
  13. Write a checklist of everything you need to pack for a summer holiday.
  14. Look Out! You are at the zoo and the elephants have escaped! What will you do?
  15. Write a short story about a magical watermelon that grants wishes. What happens when someone takes a bite of this fruit? Does their wish come true, and if so, are there any unexpected consequences?
  16. You have grown wings and can now fly. Write a story about where you will go, what you will see, and who you will visit. Use ten adjectives to describe your adventure.
  17. Imagine you own an ice cream shop and you’re throwing a huge opening party! What flavors of ice cream are you selling? Write a list and include at least 3 brand new ice cream flavors!
  18. What is something you want to achieve until the end of the year? Can you tell us why you want to achieve this, and why it’s important to you?
  19. July 29th is Global Tiger Day! Research and write down 3 interesting facts about tigers that you think everyone should know!
  20. July 30th is International Day of Friendship! Write about your favorite adventure with your friends.
  21. Imagine you’re on a journey to explore the Pacific Ocean! Write a story about your incredible underwater adventure. What fascinating sea creatures do you encounter? How do you navigate the vast ocean and what challenges do you face along the way?
  22. July journal prompt: My favorite day this month was... because...
  23. What is your favorite July activity? Why can you only do this activity in the month of July?

More Writing Prompts

If your child enjoyed our July writing prompts, we know they’ll love these:

For more monthly writing prompts and other creative writing ideas, please visit our blog page! If you’re looking for printable worksheets to improve your child’s writing skills, check out our free writing resources!

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