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We have organized our curriculum into age groups that align with the age level you set for each child on the program. Each age group curriculum is downloadable as a PDF and includes word lists.

Ages 5-6

  • Introduction to basic writing principles
  • Interactive lessons on spelling & sentence structure
  • Vocabulary, spelling & grammar games

Ages 6-7

  • Focus on range of writing & use of language
  • Interactive lessons on spelling, report writing & poetry
  • Writing & reading comprehension practice

Ages 7-8

  • Focus on producing and distributing writing
  • Work on vocabulary acquisition and use
  • Interactive lessons on spelling & styles of writing

Ages 8-9

  • Learn all about researching and informative writing
  • Explore various different writing styles
  • Spelling & grammar consolidation

Ages 9-10

  • Opinion & information writing practice
  • Learn more about capitalization, punctuation & spelling
  • Build and broaden vocabulary, spelling & grammar skills

Ages 10, 11 and 12+

  • Use facts to produce informative/explanatory texts
  • Build upon existing descriptive & creative writing skills
  • Interactive lessons on different writing styles & genres
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