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Our program features competitions and events to keep children motivated, engaged, and excited to learn and improve their skills! Here's a quick overview of our regular competitions and events:

Star Writing

Star writing is our weekly writing competition with a different theme and writing challenge every week. Your child can take part each week and read all other children’s entries. Children with winning entries receive digital prizes!

Star Writing competition on Night Zookeeper, displayed on laptop screen.

Monthly Awards

Every month, children have the chance to win awards based on their use of the program. Each award will have a different theme and goal, depending on the age of your child. If all the goals are completed in the month, they’ll win a digital award to add to their Night Zookeeper profile.

Monthly Award on Night Zookeeper, displayed on laptop screen.


Every month, new projects are added by the Night Zookeeper team to the ‘Projects’ section of the program. The projects vary from challenging children to create new characters for the Night Zookeeper book, or submitting their own game ideas for the program!

Projects section on Night Zookeeper, displayed on laptop screen.

World Creative Writing Month

In March each year, children can take part in World Creative Writing Month on the program. This global event challenges children to achieve a total of 5 million written words on Night Zookeeper in the month of March, winning digital prizes along the way.

World Creative Writing Month 2023 banner.
Children holding a tablet

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