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Learn about using subheadings in reports

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One important component of report writing is the use of subheadings. Subheadings are a key organizational tool that all child writers should use in their report writing. Using subheadings can help make a report more clearly defined and easily understood by readers. Let’s take a look at subheadings!

What are subheadings and why are they useful?

Subheadings are similar to titles in that they give names to the specific sections of writing. The heading is the main title of a piece of writing, whereas the subheadings help divide up specific sections of that same piece of writing.

Subheadings are useful because they help organize a piece of writing by dividing it up into its main points. They should be clear and relevant to the content that it’s in the paragraphs following the subheading. Using subheadings in report writing gives your readers a better idea of what they will be reading about before they begin each section, which is why they’re so helpful!

Activity & Resource

Now that we’ve discussed what subheadings are and how they can be useful in report writing, we’ve prepared an activity for your young child writer to match the subheadings with the correct paragraph. Good luck!

Activity matching the subheadings to the paragraph

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