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Using facts, statistics, and opinions can add credibility to your writing. Teaching your child the difference between the three will help them to distinguish between the three types, as well as use them in their own writing! Let’s see how to be credible as an author by using facts, stats, and opinions.

What is credible writing?

Credibility is the quality of being trustworthy or believable. In order for someone to be credible, they have to prove they are trustworthy. In order for your writing to be credible, it’s important to include things that make your readers believe what you’re writing about. This can be done with the use of facts, statistics, and opinions!

What’s the difference between facts, statistics, and opinions?

It’s important that your child writer understands the difference between facts, statistics, and opinions. They all share one similarity: they can make your writing more believable and can make your readers trust you are credible as an author. However, it’s important to know how they differ as well:

  • Facts are true statements that cannot be proven false.
  • Statistics are similar to facts because they are also true statements, but they typically include numbers or amounts. They help quantify information.
  • Opinions are statements that can be proven false and are not universally true. They are based on someone’s beliefs, feelings, or thoughts.

Reference our facts vs opinions resource page to learn more specifically about how facts and opinions differ.

Examples of Facts, Stats, and Opinions

This table of examples may prove to be useful to talk over with your kids to further emphasize the difference between facts, stats, and opinions.

Graph between the differences of Facts, Stats, and Opinions

Activity & Resource

Now that we’ve reviewed how to make writing credible, it’s time for your child to try their hand! The downloadable activity below will help your child see if they understand the difference between facts, stats, and opinions. Good luck!

Credible Writing Activity Fill in the Blanks

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