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Improve your child's persuasive writing!

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Being able to persuade your readers to believe an opinion, view, or point you are expressing is a very powerful tool in writing. Learning how to successfully write persuasively will help your child write more effectively and convincingly. Additionally, practicing persuasive writing can help your child develop strong critical thinking skills. This section of our website has free, downloadable resources on persuasive writing to help your child hone their skills!

At Night Zookeeper, we believe exposing children to many different types of writing helps children will help them grow immensely in their overall literacy skills. Learning persuasive writing specifically adds value to a child's understanding of all types of writing.

Our writing program for kids is a fun learning website dedicated to improving children's writing skills, including introducing them to many different writing types. The free resources in the tabs above incorporate characters and settings from the program to help engage your child. If they enjoy them, they can get a free 7 day trial of our program!

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