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As children navigate the world around them, they begin to form their own opinions and beliefs. Having the ability to express these thoughts and feelings is very important for their personal development. One way of doing so is opinion writing. Learning how to create pieces of opinion writing can help children develop their critical thinking and their persuasion skills as they try to convince their readers of their points of view.

This section of our website has free, downloadable resources to help your child get a better grasp on opinion writing! We cover topics that are important for opinion writing skills, such as outlining the difference between fact and opinion, and the importance of demonstrating reason in opinion writing. Using these resources can help your child become an effective opinion writer!

At Night Zookeeper, we value instilling writing skills in children from a young age. Our writing program for kids can help your child improve their opinion writing skills and literacy as a whole, whilst having fun! Our free resources build on exercises found on our program, and utilise exciting characters and settings from the magical world of the Night Zoo. If your child is inspired by the resources, they can try our online writing program with a free 7 day trial!

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