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Writing clear introductions is key to successful explanation writing. A clear introduction sets up the rest of the piece of writing. Without a clear introduction, your readers won’t understand the topic you’re writing about or why you’re writing about it. Knowing both what makes a good introduction and how to make a good introduction are vital for new child writers.

What makes a good introduction?

A good introduction includes several core features. First, it needs to somehow catch the reader’s attention. This can be with a hook, a fact, a question, or an interesting statement. The introduction should then provide the reader with any background information they need to know to understand the rest of your writing. Additionally, it should give the reader a preview of what you will be discussing, or what questions you will be answering.

Tips for writing a good introduction

  1. Start with a hook that will grab the reader’s attention! Think about what makes what they’re about to read interesting, and start with that.
  2. Use linking words and phrases to make your ideas flow within your introduction.
  3. Provide your readers with your main points.

Example of a good introduction

How does a teleporting torch work?

As you may know, the Night Zookeeper uses a rather clever device to help protect the Night Zoo. It is called a Teleporting Torch. Firstly, in this article, I will explain how it works. Secondly, I will explain why it is so important in the fight against the Lord of Nulth.

Activity & Resource

Now that your child knows what makes a good introduction and has an idea of how to write one themselves, we’ve provided an activity for them. This activity gives an example of a clear introduction accompanied by some questions. Happy practicing!

Activity working on writing introductions

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