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Explanation writing is a skill that every new child writer should become comfortable with. Teaching explanation writing is no easy feat, which is why we are here to help with a working example!

What do good explanation texts look like?

Good explanation texts thoroughly explain and expand on the topic they cover. They typically answer a “how” or “why” question. For example, an explanation text may be answering questions like “Why does the Earth orbit the sun?” or “How do kids have so much energy?”. In order to answer these questions, thorough explanations accompanied with plenty of details are required, making a good explanation text.

You could challenge children to write about one of these topics:

  1. How do bees make honey?
  2. How does the recycling process work?
  3. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  4. How can you be a good friend?
  5. Why does it get cold at night?
  6. How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
  7. Why should we eat fruits and vegetables?
  8. How often should you walk a dog?
  9. Why do we need sleep?
  10. How do you ride a bicycle?

Activity & Resource

Now that your child has some background knowledge on explanation texts and what makes them successful, we’ve provided a few activities that are even more comprehensive. These activities provide your child with an example of an explanation text and two activities that will put their knowledge of explanation texts to the test! Good luck!

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