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Explanation writing is a skill that every young learner should become comfortable with. It’s a writing style taught later in their English learning journey that can be used in multiple subjects, from crafting science reports, to cooking recipes, to writing detailed instructions.

Teaching this non-fiction writing style is challenging, but we’re here to help - keep scrolling for a detailed explanatory text example, and free worksheets!

What do great explanation texts look like?

Writing explanation texts normally serve the purpose of answering a “how” or “why” question.

A good explanation is essentially an information text that solves the reader’s problem by providing them with actionable steps they can follow seamlessly.

Some features of an explanation text include:

Explanation text example

Share this example text with your child:

How is honey made?

  1. Firstly, bees collect nectar from flowers with their mouths which are shaped like tubes.
  2. They then transport the sweet nectar to their hive.
  3. The bees continue to fly back and forth hundreds of times between flowers and their hives delivering the nectar.
  4. Each time they return to their hive, they pass on the nectar to the “house bees”.
  5. House bees now have the special job of making the honey. It is passed mouth to mouth between the house bees until the liquid becomes thicker.
  6. The thick liquid is then stored in the hexagonal honeycombs and sealed with beeswax.
  7. A beekeeper, wearing protective clothing, will regularly gather the honeycomb and remove the honey.
  8. Honey is finally packed and prepared by farms and factories to send on to the stores where people can buy it.

Activity & resource

Download the free resource below to help your child practice their explanation writing skills:

Activity matching cause and effect sentences

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