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Grammar, at its most basic level, is a set of rules about the types of words we use and what they do. It also tells us how words work together in sentences. As a subject, grammar can be overwhelming for some young learners, as there are many rules and they tend to come thick and fast. To ensure that your child's primary school journey runs smoothly, we suggest breaking these rules down and working through them slowly and at a pace that suits them.

Year 1 grammar covers the following skills:

  • Use basic subject-verb agreement
  • Use common, proper, and possessive nouns
  • Use frequently occurring adjectives to give details and describe
  • Use the articles "a", "an", and "the" in complete simple sentences
  • Use the conjunctions "and", "but", and "so" in complete compound sentences
  • Use personal, possessive & indefinite pronouns (I, you, he, she, they, them, it)
  • Use action verbs to apply past, present & future tense in sentences (walk, walks, walked)


Nouns are naming words. Year 1 students will learn all about common nouns and proper nouns. Nouns are essential words for children to learn as each sentence they write must have a subject, which will always be a noun.

Common nouns name everyday objects, places and things, such as chair, beach, and toothbrush.

Proper nouns name people and places, such as Will and New York City. This type of noun always begins with a capital letter.

Pratice Tip

Get your child to learn all about common & proper nouns with lesson one of Will's Words, available now on!

Common & proper nouns lesson on, displayed on laptop screen.


Adjectives are describing words. They tell us more about a noun. These are fun words to work with and your child will enjoy exploring the different ways they can use them to describe things in interesting ways.


The tall giraffe was running through the woods.

tall = adjective

giraffe = noun

Practice Tip

Your child can learn about adjectives and its uses with this lesson on!

Adjectives lesson on, displayed on laptop screen.


Conjunctions are linking words that join parts of a sentence together. "And", "but" and "or" are all conjunctions!

Look at how we can join these two sentences using "and":

Combining sentences with Sam

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