16 Sensational Story Ideas For Kids

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Whether you're navigating homeschooling or seeking a fun writing activity for your child, our collection of story prompts will keep your child entertained for hours while seamlessly boosting their writing skills. From magical quests to futuristic adventures, our selection of good story ideas guarantees to ignite the imagination and make writing an exciting adventure for every young storyteller!

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Here are some fantastically fun story prompts to share with your child:

  1. Story starter: A brave group of astronauts embarked on a mission to explore outer space. But when their spacecraft veered off course and communication with Earth was lost, they found themselves alone in space. Determined to find their way back home, they set out on a daring adventure, facing unknown dangers and finding strange new worlds. Will they ever make it back to Earth? Give this story an ending!
  2. Create a main character profile for a story about a new superhero. You can draw this character and design their superhero costume, give them a special superpower, describe where they live, and who they’re friends with. Once you’ve created your main character profile, write their story!
  3. Short story prompt: When their best friend goes missing in the enchanted forest, the main character sets out on a quest filled with magical creatures and mysterious surprises to bring them back home safely.
  4. Write a story about the first time you had your favorite food.
  5. Write your own children’s book about your family. This can be a picture book which includes drawings of all members of your family, and funny stories about them!
  6. You wake up one morning and find yourself with an incredible superpower. Write a story about setting off on a thrilling journey to learn how to control it and become a superhero.
  7. Write a story about going on an exciting expedition deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, where you encounter exotic animals, ancient civilizations, and uncover the secrets of this vibrant ecosystem.
  8. Write an original bedtime story about your favorite animal.
  9. What has been the best birthday party you’ve ever been to? Tell us a story about it.
  10. You are given a magical cell phone, and are told that you can make one phone call to anyone who has ever existed. Write a story about who you call and what happens next.
  11. In a faraway land where fairy tales come to life, your main character discovers they have magical powers. They notice that something weird is happening, and so they embark on a quest to save all fairy tale creatures from darkness while meeting whimsical friends along the way.
  12. On a magical day when Christmas, Halloween, and Easter collide, you find yourself on an adventure to restore order to the holiday chaos, encountering pumpkin-spice candy canes, Easter bunny witches, and Santa's skeleton crew along the way!
  13. Imagine you become the main character in your favorite TV show. Write a story about your typical day-to-day.
  14. You discover a dusty old time machine in your attic, so you decide to go on a historical adventure with your friends, encountering dinosaurs, pirates, and futuristic robots along the way!
  15. Write a story about a treehouse that has the power to transport you to different worlds.
  16. Science fiction story starter: Write a story about a young inventor who builds a tiny, but powerful spaceship in their backyard shed, and embarks on an epic adventure across the galaxy to save their home planet from an impending meteor shower.

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