Colt Technology Sponsors Night Zookeeper Class Subscriptions

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In September 2018, Colt Technology Services partnered with Night Zookeeper to sponsor 140 annual licenses to our reading & writing program, so that classrooms all across the UK could benefit from our gamified approach to learning.

COLT Technology Services provide network and voice services to Europe, North America, and Asia, and wanted to partner with Night Zookeeper to enable more children to develop a love for learning and develop their reading & writing skills, especially those for whom it may not have been possible before!

The impact of this partnership was huge, proving that gamified learning can have a very positive impact in students’ academic progress and success! Here are some stats from schools who enrolled in our program through the Colt Technology Services sponsorship:

  • In total, 5,478 students used Night Zookeeper, both in school and at home throughout the school year.
  • Over 3 million words of children’s writing were published onto Night Zookeeper Class Blogs.
  • 9,923 pieces of feedback were provided by real tutors to assist children in their reading and writing progress.
  • Over 30 members of Colt Technology Services staff joined a ‘Colt Writing Mentor’ program, which allowed them to leave encouraging comments and feedback on children’s writing on!

Here are some quotes from teachers who took part in this project, so here are just a few:

Children in classroom.

“Night Zookeeper has been a huge success for my Year 4 class. I have seen extremely reluctant writers use their free time to log into Night Zookeeper and complete additional writing activities – which is a feat I have often failed. I cannot express how wonderful it has been to have as a resource and would highly suggest it to any teacher or parent!”

Chloe Pereira, Year 4 Teacher – Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School

Student with

“The boys absolutely adore Night Zookeeper! They ask to use it every day and several of the boys I could see were using it over half term on a daily basis. They love the regular writing tasks and competing against each other. We have talked about the language they are using and how the punctuation they have employed in their writing is monitored. It has also been great for developing their keyboard skills. It has been a revelation to the development of their literacy and will feature on at least a weekly basis in our planning throughout the year!”

Vicki Riddell Year 3 Teacher – Caldicott School


“My students are enjoying writing and they are more motivated than ever! The leaderboard has helped with engagement as some students want to be top of the leaderboard with the highest number of words written. It has helped to generate really positive discussions about writing – children talk about each other’s writing and comment positively on the blog. It has also helped with the editing and improving stage of writing as they help each other to spot errors and areas to develop within their writing.”

Sally Derby, Year 4 Teacher – St Mary Magdalen’s School

Commenting on the success of this initiative, Paul Hutson, Education Director at Night Zookeeper, said:

“It’s been amazing to visit so many schools around the UK, from Scotland to Suffolk that have taken advantage of Colt Technology Services’ sponsorship. The impact it has had on student’s literacy has been clear to see, and it’s been great to get so much positive feedback from teachers who are using Night Zookeeper in the classroom.”

Educational Director, Paul Hutson

Reflecting on this amazing project, we want to say a huge thank you to Colt Technology Services for making it possible! Five years on, our mission to empower young imaginations continues, and the support of like-minded organizations really goes a long way!

You can try Night Zookeeper yourself for free! Start a 7-day trial today:

Got any questions? Reach out to us via email at [email protected], or through our social media pages:

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