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Improve your child's instruction writing skills

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Writing clear instructions requires a variety of components so the readers can follow and understand the instructions easily. Instruction writing can help your child understand the importance of clear directions, step-by-step explanations, and using adverbs or adjectives. This section of our website has free, downloadable resources on instruction writing! We cover topics such as how to write instructions and imperative verbs.

At Night Zookeeper, we acknowledge the importance of exposing young children to many different styles of writing. This way, their abilities are diversified and they are able to express themselves in a variety of writing forms. Instruction writing is one writing type that can help your child writer improve their explanatory skills, which can be useful in all writing types.

Our writing program for kids tackles all writing types, including instruction writing. Although this section of our website is a great place to help your child improve their literacy skills, our gamified program will help your child become a much more effective writer and reader!

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