Night Zookeeper Updates 2023

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As the year draws to a close, we’re thrilled to bring you two fantastically fun updates that were just launched to make our reading & writing program even more fun and engaging!

Animal Creator Tool

We’re taking your child’s creativity to a whole new level with our new Animal Creator Tool! Creating unique Night Zoo animals is now as easy as rolling the dice. Choose from thousands of imaginative combinations crafted by our design team—picture a football bat, a truck turtle, a cake cat - the list goes on!

If the combination suggested isn’t to your child’s liking, they can toggle the two switches to pick different heads and bodies from a variety of pre-designed animals and objects.

Once your child is happy with the combination suggested, they can customize their animal using stickers to make it truly unique.

For the artists at heart, the option remains to draw a Night Zook animal from scratch.

Our brand new Animal Creator Tool should make the process of creating a Night Zoo character easier, quicker, and entertaining!

Guided Reading Tool

We’ve also added a new Guided Reading Tool that makes it easier for young readers to hear and follow the text on screen.

Guided Reading Tool on Night Zookeeper, displayed on laptop screen.

This feature highlights each word as a character speaks them, making it a breeze for children to follow along and comprehend the text. It's more than an update; it's a giant leap in making our program more accessible and user-friendly.

This feature offers children a better opportunity to work on their reading skills seamlessly, offering an interactive and supportive environment that nurtures a love for language and storytelling.

Why you should try Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper logo, displayed on laptop screen.

At Night Zookeeper, every update is a celebration of creativity and a push towards the adoption of gamified learning.

Our award-winning reading & writing program is constantly improving, with new educational games, challenges, and lessons being added regularly, to ensure that children never run out of ways to improve their skills.

We can't wait for your child to roll the dice, design incredible creatures, and embark on guided reading & writing adventures. Join us in this journey of fantastically fun learning!

Log in to try or sign up and get a FREE 7-day trial!

Got any questions? Reach out to us via email at [email protected], or through our social media channels:

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