Library Lovers' Month

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The idea of creating a place where we can learn from others and share the gift of reading and learning has prevailed through countless obstacles, including fires, wars and conflict. The history of libraries is vast, which is one of the many reasons why we celebrate Library Lovers' Month.

Fun fact: did you know that the first library in the world dates back to 2600BC and that its “books” were actually clay tablets?

Writing found on stone

Library Lovers' Month is celebrated in February, and Library Lovers' Day is also celebrated on the 14th, just like Valentine's Day!

Here at Night Zookeeper, we love that libraries all over the world offer everyone an opportunity to experience the joy of learning something new, or the feeling of pure happiness when you’re able to find the exact book you were looking for. However there are many other reasons why we are library lovers:

  1. Libraries are fair: they are usually free to access, and there are no age restrictions, which means that anyone is welcome to use the sources available.
  2. Libraries offer an escape: there are thousands of books available in a single library, all of which offer an escape to a different world, time period, or country. Isn't that cool?
  3. Libraries provide a safe place to store historical artefacts: the library environment is usually controlled and monitored, making it the perfect place to keep important documents.
  4. Libraries are great for socialising: book club, anyone? Libraries are the perfect place for socialising! You can bond over your favorite books, discuss new titles, and even take part in special events.
  5. Libraries are wonderful places: not only because of the knowldge they hold, but also the comfort and opportunities they provide.
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Here are some library-related writing prompts to get your child in the Library Lovers' Month spirit:

  • Write a report on the best book you’ve taken from a library.
  • Do you remember the last time you went to the library? Can you write a diary entry about your day?
  • Write a story about a magical library, where you can learn anything you wish! What is it that you want to learn, and why do you want to learn about it?
  • What are the top five books you’d add to your library?
  • Why do you think libraries are important?
  • In your opinion, why do you think we celebrate Library Lovers’ Month?
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Looking for a way to encourage your child to read more? Give Night Zookeeper a try!

Our program keeps children engaged, entertained, and excited to learn by turning reading & writing into a game, complete with skill-based challenges, interactive lessons, and book reporting features that make reading fantastically fun.

If you're looking for your child's next read, check out our book series!

Got any questions? Email us at [email protected]. Follow us on social media for more writing prompts, reading & writing tips, and other freebies:

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