23 Fantastically Fun Facts for Kids

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Who doesn’t love a good fun fact? We certainly love sharing fun facts for kids, as we find the info encourages their imagination and helps them to create their own unique animals on nightzookeeper.com. Whether it’s how similar a koala's fingerprints are to a human’s, or what key a fly hums in, children (and adults) love animal fun facts!

We’ve paired engaging writing prompts alongside our fun facts for kids. Not only can your child learn about animals, but they can also flex their creative writing skills! 💪

The facts are designed to delight and the prompts are designed to spark creativity and imagination within children. We encourage children to think outside the box about different animal facts.

With these fun facts for kids, your children will make great use of their imaginations and creative drive.


1) Write about a daring duck who enters a surfing competition! 🦆 Make sure to explain how the duck enters the competition and whether or not they win it!


2) When an animal hibernates, it means that they partake in long periods of deep sleep during cold weather. 🐻

Write an acrostic poem with the word HIBERNATE. In your poem, write about a bear getting ready to hibernate.


3) Houseflies lack vocal cords, so they actually make sound by flapping their wings (in the key of F!). Write a song about a fly who wishes it could sing. 🎶


4) Write about meeting a rhino. Start your story with the line, "I was walking in the park one day when I heard a peculiar noise..."


5) Write a poem about a koala and title it, 'Fingerprint'! In your poem, compare a koala to a human. Think about how they are similar and different.


6) Write about a narwhal with a toothache! Why does its tooth hurt? Did it eat too many sweets? What does it do to feel better?


7) Tell us about the dolphin featured in the picture above. What is its name? Where is it going? Will it meet other dolphin friends? Write a short story about how this dolphin spends its day.


8) Write an acrostic poem with the word HORSE. In your poem, write about a horse getting ready for bed.


9) Can you create your own unique pangram? While the objective is to include all of the letters of the alphabet in one sentence, try also to make your sentence meaningful (and perhaps, even poetic!).


10) Write a short story from the words listed in the sentence above. Make sure to include all the words in the sentence: 'He', 'believed', 'Caesar', 'could', 'see', 'people', 'seizing', 'the' and 'seas'. These words should not be in the same order.


11) Write about a grey flamingo who grew up but never turned pink. As you write, think about whether this a problem for them, or if they like being unique!


12) Write about an elephant who wanted to learn how to jump, so it decided to try out a trampoline!


13) Write a stream of consciousness piece. This means they should write for a set amount of time (perhaps 1 - 3 minutes). You must keep writing continuously, without stopping at all.


14) Crutch words are filler words that give us more time to think about our response (these include 'um', 'ah', 'er', 'uh', 'like'). Often, these words can be overused and repeated.

Reflect on whether or not you use any crutch words. In your reflection, try to identify which words (if any) you use when you're thinking about what you're going to say.


15) William Shakespeare was a poet, actor and playwright and is often seen as one of the best writers of all time! 📖

Tell us about who your favorite writer is. Why do you like their work?


16) Write a story using the following natural ambigrams: 'dollop', 'swims', 'suns' and 'pod'.


17) Make up your own word to add to the dictionary. When making up your word, make sure to include the word's definition!

ee fact

18) Write a poem that only uses words that have the letter e in them (the, write and poem would all count!).


19) Write a letter to your best friend explaining how you woke up only being able to walk sideways! Make sure to include details about how your day went with this new type of walk!


20) Write a poem about puffins, but title it either, 'Sea Parrot' or 'Clown of the Sea'.


21) Write the lyrics for a song. Your lyrics should be about your favorite animal.

dog fact

22) Write a letter to a friend describing where you're from. Include what you love about where you're from.


23) Write an acrostic poem with the word TORTOISE. In your poem, write about a tortoise who has lived for a really long time. Is this tortoise wise?

Our writing program for kids provides an encouraging and fantastically fun writing environment that will inspire your child. With thousands of fun facts and new writing prompts, your child will be excited to learn every day!

Was your child inspired by these prompts? Share their writing with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest using the hashtag #nightzookeeper.

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