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Our environment is extremely important and we don’t always cherish and nurture it as much as we should! We created these special writing prompts to raise awareness about the current environmental crisis and to get your child to think creatively about all the ways they can help!


  1. Only around 1% of the water on planet Earth can be consumed by humans and animals due to pollution. What are some ways to improve this?
  2. List 10 ways you can save water at home.
  3. Write an adventure story about a group of sea animals who are on a mission to end water pollution!
  4. Write a set of instructions on how to build a new sustainable system which reuses and saves water. What is this system called? What is it used for? Can you have it in your home?
  5. Water pollution has a negative impact on the environment. Write a persuasive essay on why we should prioritize this issue.

Pollution / Energy

  1. Pollution can cause animals and plants to go extinct. In your opinion, what are the quickest ways to help our environment?
  2. Can you write a poem about the importance of recycling?
  3. A plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decompose! How can we be sure to dispose of it correctly so that it doesn’t take as long?
  4. Growing your own food is a great way to live sustainably. Have you ever tried to grow a plant, vegetable or tree before? How was your experience and what did you learn?
  5. What type of energy do you think we should use the most in order to be more environmentally friendly? Why?


  1. You’re running a recycling campaign. Can you think of 5 different catch phrases to convince people to recycle more?
  2. How can our environment have an impact on our lives?
  3. Nature is truly beautiful! What is the best natural environment you’ve visited so far?
  4. What are some small changes you can make everyday to reduce pollution/help our environment?
  5. Why should we take care of our environment?

We hope you’ve found these environmental writing prompts inspiring and that they’ve made an impact on your child’s understanding of this topic! If you want to provide your child with more writing inspiration, try our reading and writing program with a 7-day free trial!

We’d love to read your child’s thoughts on this, so please feel free to share their work with us on social media using the hashtag #nzkwritingprompts! You can find us on:

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