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Adjectives are descriptive words used in all types of writing! In order for your child writer to reach their full potential as a writer, adjectives are an important concept for them to understand. Adjectives elevate the level of all types of writing significantly! Let’s discuss adjectives.

What are adjectives? Why do they matter?

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. They can be used to describe people, places, things, and more! They can also be used in many different ways and in different places of a sentence.

Adjectives matter because they are extremely useful in writing. When an author uses adjectives, descriptions are more vivid to the reader. Adjectives also make descriptions very clear, helping the reader understand the story better than if no adjectives were used.

Examples of Adjectives

To help your child understand adjectives, we’ve provided a few examples within sentences. Notice how they can be placed in different parts of a sentence and can be modifying a variety of nouns!

  1. Night Zookeeper Will found himself in the dark forest.
  2. Sam the Spying Giraffe thought the sunset looked beautiful tonight.
  3. Florence the Flamingo felt small around Grudge the Bear.
  4. Without hesitation, Night Zookeeper Riya screamed when she saw the scary spider.
  5. On summer afternoons, the sun shines bright in the Night Zoo.

Activity & Resource

Now that we’ve introduced adjectives and explained their importance, your child is ready to identify some adjectives on their own! This is a great introduction activity on adjectives. Download it now!

An Activity practicing finding adjectives

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