Expand your child's vocabulary!

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Having an expansive vocabulary can help bring your child’s writing to the next level. With a strong vocabulary, story writing will have endless possibilities for your child! Vocabulary is a significant skill for new child writers, which is why we’ve made free, downloadable resources for your child to improve their vocabulary on this section of our website.

At Night Zookeeper, we know how important vocabulary is, but also how tricky it can sometimes feel to help your child expand their vocabulary. Vocabulary can be broken down into specific areas, including:

  • connective types
  • cause and effect words
  • personification
  • appearance, personality, and voice.

We’ve chosen these categories as they are amongst the most useful in helping your child diversifying their vocabulary.

Vocabulary building is one of many skills covered on our reading and writing program, which gamifies reading and writing to make it fun for your child to improve their literacy skills. The resources on offer in this section draw on characters and illustrations from our program to help engage your child with the materials.

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