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One important aspect of all story writing is the setting it takes place in! Often a key setting in a story is the home of a character. Teaching your child writer about this setting in detail will help them to understand how characters should be developed in story writing! Let’s talk about characters and their homes.

How can a reader learn more about a character through their home?

Every detail that an author reveals to their readers about a character can help readers get to know the character better. Describing where a character lives can add more color to a character’s personality. Providing your readers with this detail can help your readers understand more about a character! Where your character lives can have an impact on how they interact with the world around them.

Here is a description of Professor Penguin’s home as an example:

Professor Penguin resides in an igloo. In his igloo, you will find hot chocolate, lots of mugs, and plenty of fascinating books. His igloo is cozy, with a roaring fire in his fireplace to keep him warm.

From this example, we learn that Professor Penguin enjoys reading and the coziness of his home with his hot chocolate and a warm fire!

Activity & Resource

Your child writer can now get started with the activity we’ve included for them! This activity will help them use their imagination to portray their characters based on their homes and settings. Good luck!

Describing Setting Activity

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