Improve your child's poetry!

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Poetry is a unique form of writing that is important for children to get familiar with, along with many other forms of writing. Being able to understand poetry is just as important as being able to write it. There are many techniques specific to poetry that help layer meaning into writing, which is something that needs to be learned in order to be understood. This section of our website contains free, downloadable resources that you can use to introduce your child to poetry!

At Night Zookeeper, we know how crucial it is for children to learn about a variety of writing styles to improve as both a reader and a writer. Poetry will help your child understand rhyming, symbolism, hidden meaning, and many more literary techniques. In grades 1 to 6, it’s important to learn to recognize different styles of writing and how they are used.

Our reading and writing program exposes children to a variety of writing forms, including poetry, and encourages them to even write their own! Your child can get a flavour of how fun our program is by starting a 7 day free trial.

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