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Make Writing Magical

Make Writing Magical

  • Your child will learn new words, build complex sentences and write in many styles.
  • Activities cover a range of core standards for children aged 6 to 12
  • Common Core, National Curriculum & International Baccalaureate aligned
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Night Zookeeper’s Learning Standards for Writing

  • Children can explain the functions of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and use these parts of speech in their writing.

  • Children can use a wide variety of adjectives and adverbs in their writing to add interesting details.

  • Children can produce a range of simple, compound and complex sentences in their stories and reports.

  • Children can use a range of age-appropriate punctuation in their writing.

  • Children can spell age-appropriate words accurately.

  • Children can use spelling patterns and known root words to learn how to spell new words.

  • Children can write in a variety of formats, including narrative, poetry, and report writing.

  • Children can use paragraphs, sub-headings, and other structures to organize their writing.

  • Children can use figurative language in their writing and understand the difference between literal and non-literal meanings of words.

  • Children can compose an extended piece of writing displaying stamina for writing.

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