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At Night Zookeeper, we are huge advocates of getting children to love reading - but we know how difficult this can be. This section of our website provides you with grade-based pages that explain all about the reading standards expected of children at different grade levels, and how you can help your child attain them. Get started by flipping through the graded tabs above!

We run through Grades 1-6, identifying the key focuses of reading education at each level, from word reading, to phonics, to fluency, to comprehension, and many more. Practice tips are included to provide practical ways that you can help your child achieve their reading goals in each of the key areas for their reading level.

Our online program,, has many aspects that can help a child improve their reading. From comprehension quiz questions, to following on-screen instructions, to introducing them to new vocabulary, the website aims to help children build their overall literacy skills. The program is adjustable to graded levels of difficulty to personalise your child's learning journey, and lessons can be assigned to keep your child focused where you have specific learning goals for them. By spending time working through these activities on Night Zookeeper, your child will become a more confident and fluent reader.

We understand that children learn at different paces and have a variety of educational needs, and so we felt graded, rather than age-suggested, was most appropriate. Through these guides, we aim to provide a strong outline of how to equip your child with a firm grasp of the reading foundations covered across elementary/primary and early-middle school.

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