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Night Zookeeper activities in this area cover a range of core standards. Here are some examples of these learning objectives, which are completely customisable by you upon beginning to use the programme:

  1. I can check that the text makes sense as I read, and correct any mistakes.
  2. I can discuss the significance of the story title and events.
  3. I can explain my understanding of a text.
  4. I can find and explain any hidden meaning based on what is being said and done.
  5. I can learn new word meanings and build a broad vocabulary.
  6. I can identify themes and conventions in a wide range of books.
  7. I can recommend books I've read to my friends, giving reasons for my choices.
  8. I can use a dictionary to check the meaning of words I have read.
  9. I can recognise some different forms of poetry [for example, free verse, narrative poetry].
  10. I can understand what I read in books by explaining the meaning of words and phrases.

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