World Creative Writing Month 2024: 5 Million Word Quest!

World Creative Writing Month 2024: 5 Million Word Quest! thumbnail

World Creative Writing Month 2024 is here! This March we will be challenging Night Zookeepers around the globe to participate in a special event - the 5 Million Word Quest.

In this quest, all Night Zookeeper users will be challenged to collectively write and publish 5 million words on our program before the end of March.

We can’t wait to read all of the fantastically fun stories your child comes up with!

To participate, simply get your child to log in to their Night Zookeeper account this month and start writing.

(Don’t have a Night Zookeeper account? Sign up for our program to join the fun!)

Instructions will be outlined in the program, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Every word published on Night Zookeeper in March 2024 will count towards the five million word target
  • Each age group setting has a specific word count goal, so your child will have a personal goal to hit while they help the whole community reach the five million word target
  • If your child meets their goal, they will receive a special World Creative Writing Month 2024 award in the program, and a certificate at the end of the month

There will be a “Words Published” count present on the program throughout the month, so you can keep track of the total number of words written globally.

World Creative Writing Month Word Counter, displayed on tablet screen.

If we hit our program-wide target by the end of the month, we'll release special prizes across the program!

What is World Creative Writing Month?

We recognize World Creative Writing Month each March to celebrate children’s creativity. We are always amazed by the new worlds, creatures, and stories children create on our program each and every day. World Creative Writing Month is a chance to honor their hard work, and inspire them to continue being creative.

This wonderful month of celebration dates back to when the Night Zookeeper Team began sharing our passion for reading and writing in classrooms around the world. We found that hosting an international, month-long celebration of creative writing gave students even more motivation to express their creativity through writing. World Creative Writing Month has grown tremendously through the years, now reaching thousands of families worldwide.

After the success of last year’s celebration, we can’t wait to get World Creative Writing Month 2024 started. We hope you join us in our quest to publish a mega 5 MILLION words this March!

We have lots of fun activities, resources, competitions, and prizes in store to keep children, parents, teachers, and educators inspired. You can stay up to date on all the fun via our social media channels.

5 Million Word Quest Medal, displayed on yellow background.

How does it work?

Any child can participate in World Creative Writing Month - all they need is their Night Zookeeper login details and their imaginations! If you don’t have a Night Zookeeper account, you can sign up for our program here.

This year’s challenge, the 5 Million Word Quest, encourages all our users (and new ones!) to join forces and collectively publish five million words on our program in the month of March.

To help us reach that target, we’ve set age-appropriate word count targets to make this quest both challenging and achievable for everyone who takes part:

  • Age 5-6: 100 Words
  • Age 7: 300 Words
  • Age 8-9: 1,000 Words
  • Age 10+: 2,000 Words

Once your child has reached the target set for their age group, they’ll receive a brand new in-program award, and an exclusive World Creative Writing Month certificate that you can print and proudly display at home!

The 5 Million Word Quest will be running from March 1st to March 31st 2024.

Join the 5 Million Word Quest this March

As we embark on this epic creative journey, we can’t wait to see millions of children working together to complete the 5 Million Word Quest! What adventures will your child experience? Perhaps they’ll explore the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe find a new planet? From their very first draft to the final version of their stories, we’ll be there to help them along the way.

If you don't have a Night Zookeeper account, you can sign up any time during the month of March to take part in the 5 Million Word Quest and celebrate World Creative Writing Month with us. You can even benefit from a 7 day free trial and 50% off our yearly subscription!

Send us updates on your progress and accomplishments during World Creative Writing Month by tagging us in your Instagram and Facebook stories, reels, and TikToks, including the hashtags #WCWM2024, #5MillionWordQuest, and #WorldCreativeWritingMonth:

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