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Today is Read a Book Day. We believe that every day should be Read a Book Day but any excuse to grab a book and read is good enough for us! Whether it’s an old favourite that is as comforting as a soft blanket or a new one ready for you to explore and fall in love with, make some time for it today.

Don’t keep it to yourself though, make sure that you share the experience of reading. Read aloud to your family, friends, pets or toys – no one should be left out of the excitement of reading a good book.

Books are vital for our development as learners and as people, they help to improve our memory and concentration; as well as being a tool for education, entertainment and discovery purposes.

Here are some of the Night Zookeepers’ favourite books:

The Adentures of the Wishing-Chair Cover

‘The Wishing Chair’ – Enid Blyton

The Hobbit Book Cover

‘The Hobbit’ – J RR Tolkein

The owl babies book cover

‘The Owl Babies’ – Martin Waddell

The fantastic flying books of.jpeg

‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore’ – W. E Joyce

Where the wild things are.jpeg

‘Where the Wild Things Are' – Maurice Sendak

The Magic Farawy Tree Cover

‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ – Enid Blyton

Giraffes of the Whispering Wood Cover

'Night Zookeeper: The Giraffes of Whispering Wood' – Joshua Davidson

What’s your favourite?

Don’t forget to record your reading on 'Reading Light'

Check out Night Zookeeper for more reading and writing fun! Try our children's reading and writing program today!

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