New Features: Reading and Writing Support

New Features: Reading and Writing Support thumbnail

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched some awesome new features to help children that are still developing their reading and writing skills.

The Magic Key.png

New writing prompts! Ask children to visit the WRITE button on their menu.

The Pirate Ship game
Monster Attack game
The Best Animal writing activity
The Giraffes of Whispering Woods.png
Dear Night Zookeeper writing activity
The Desert Island activity

We’ve added a whole series of writing prompts for children to work on!

Each prompt comes complete with writing support. We provide children with help in structuring the beginning of their story.

Texting with Will 1.png

We also provide children with punctuation support throughout this process.

Texting with Will 2.png

Once children have completed six sentences, they are then invited to continue their story.

Writing story with Will and Penguin.png

They can do so on our immersive writing tool. Writing in this engaging environment inspires children to produce their best work!

We also have extra challenges in store for children. These encourage them to use new words and prompt them to improve their writing to earn more rewards!

Earn Orbs from Writing.png

You’ll also notice that we have added audio support throughout the website. This is available for children on all instructions so that, even developing readers can access the content.

Texting with Audio Support.png

We’re so excited to read the amazing stories, poems, and reports that your children produce with this new feature! Please do give it a try with your children and send us some feedback!

We’ll be adding more inspiration every month so do keep a lookout for new writing prompts for your children to work on. If you haven't yet subscribed to Night Zookeeper, try our reading and writing program for a free 7-day trial!

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