How to Use Commas in Lists

Learn how to use commas in lists

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Commas are very useful to understand as a young writer. In fact, commas are extremely versatile and are used in many different instances in writing. Today, we want to focus on how to use commas in lists.

Why it's important to use commas in lists

Commas are important to use in lists to separate each list item. This helps someone who is reading a list to know which items are separate from each other. Without commas in lists, the list items would blend together, making the list much harder to read. This is why it is so crucial to use them in lists!

Examples of commas used in lists

Commas are used to separate items in lists, including the last item on your list that has the word “and” before the actual item. Here are some examples to show you what we mean:

  1. Today, I have to get groceries, clean my room, and finish my homework.
  2. Sam the Spying Giraffe is very optimistic, loud, and clumsy!
  3. My mom told me to always be kind, caring, and nice to those around me.
  4. Eek the Eskimouse loves to be creative, courageous, and dress up.

Activity & Resource

Now that we have explained how to use commas in lists and even provided you with some examples, it’s time for your child to give it a try themselves! Have your child use the activity we have included below about Sam the Spying Giraffe to practice using commas in lists. Good luck!

Sam likes practice using commas

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