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Instruction writing is a unique type of writing that can help your child improve their explanatory writing skills. Attention to detail and clear explanations are required to successfully write instructions on how to do something. We’re here to help your child writer master the art of instruction writing! Let’s get started.

What are instructions?

Instructions are a step-by-step guide on how to do something, with details on each step, how to perform each step, and what materials you will need. Instructions are written for all kinds of activities, from cooking to DIY to gaming! Cookbooks have instructions on how to make different dishes. When you buy a new piece of furniture, it will come with a manual that has instructions on how to put it together. These are just a few examples of instructions!

What needs to be included in a good set of instructions?

In order to be a good set of instructions, they need to include a variety of details. They need to be easy to understand and follow! These will help your child writer understand how to write instructions effectively. Here is a list of things to make sure to include in your instructions:

  1. Start your instructions with a clear title.
  2. List the equipment/materials your reader will need underneath the title.
  3. Order your instruction, step by step, using numbers.
  4. Use action words called verbs to tell your reader what to do.
  5. Use describing words called adverbs to explain how things should be done in detail.

Example of a good set of instructions

How to Build a Snowman


  • Snow
  • A carrot
  • 2 sticks
  • 6 small rocks

1. Push your snow into a pile.

2. Roll your pile of snow into a ball.

3. Make a second, smaller ball.

4. Carefully place the smaller ball on top of the larger ball.

5. Decorate using the carrot for a nose, the sticks for arms, and the rocks for the eyes and mouth.

Activity & Resource

Now that we’ve reviewed what instructions are, talked about what’s necessary to make a good set of instructions, and provided you with an example, it’s time for your child to have a go! Download the below activity for your child to complete. When they've finished them, they’ll be ready to try and write their own set of instructions from scratch. Happy instruction writing!

Example of instruction writing: How to build a snowman
Activity for writing instructions on how to ice skate
Write your own instructions activity

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